Volunteers that serve as Support Group Moderators or Buddies share a passion to bring together those people who need support. Usually, they are members of the specific disease community they serve – either as a past caregiver, present caregiver or as someone currently diagnosed with a brain disease.

Volunteer to Help

A Moderator is a person, who after completing a short online orientation, opens and closes the Support Group Session (SGS), directs the members through the meeting agenda and maintains the group process. A Buddy is a person, who after completing a short online orientation, helps facilitate the group conversation and cohesiveness and when the Moderator is absent, he/she substitutes as the group Moderator.

A Moderator or Buddy usually has a connection to one of the targeted diseases or a desire to learn about them and an interest in providing support to someone affected by one of them. If you want to “give back” to help others on this journey, please consider volunteering in the GOSH. Every day, more people receive a new diagnosis and so unfortunately, the community population needing that support increases. It is very often the case, that without the GOSH, patients and families affected by these brain diseases would have nowhere else to turn. The administrators of the GOSH are always on the lookout for interested volunteers.

We are currently developing an online questionnaire and a "Support Group Manual” which will provide more information and training for the volunteers that staffthe GOSH.

For now, if you have an interest in volunteering as either a Moderatoror Buddy, please email the support coordinator: volunteer@brainpatient.org